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Plug-ins are handy applications you can add to Yahoo 7 Messenger 10.0 (download - more info) to get news, play games, listen to music and more. Use plug-ins on your own or load a plug-in during an IM conversation to do fun things with your friends.

Yahoo7 Answers

Yahoo Messenger Admin

Keep track of the most interesting questions of the day on Yahoo7 Answers with this handy plugin. If you’re a Yahoo7 Answers user, share your own Questions and Answers with a sin… More info


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Yahoo7 Messenger admin

Nike + plugin will allow you to organise your running schedule by nominating a place and a time to run. You can also invite your Messenger Contacts to plan your runs with you. Samp… More info


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IM CricketCast


Cricket lovers! Get live ball-by-ball coverage of cricket matches worldwide right in your IM Window. Don't miss the action even if you step out - get coverage on your mobile p… More info


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Yahoo7 360°

Yahoo Messenger Admin

Yahoo7 360° Get connected with your friends, blast, blog and express yourself in Messenger. More info


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Yahoo Avatar World Preview 3

Yahoo Messenger Team

Note: You need Yahoo Messenger in order to use this plug-in, download it here: Socialize in your own world, invite friends, share files, watch movies us… More info


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You´re not a native speaker of English and have problems understanding your english/american buddies? Click on any word from the conversation and the plug-in will show its meaning… More info


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