Yahoo 7 Avatars

Yahoo 7 Avatars

Create a virtual you!

An Avatar is an image that you create to represent yourself online while you IM with friends. You can change the face, clothes, accessories, hairstyle, and even the background to reflect who you are and what you like. You can also use your Avatar to express your mood while you IM with friends.

To get started, go to the Yahoo 7 Avatars website to create your virtual you. Return there anytime to change your Avatar. Once you've created your Avatar, be sure you have selected to display it when you're IM'ing with friends.

Your Avatar will also reflect the mood you're in while you IM. When you send a smiling emoticon in your message, your Avatar will smile along with you. Note that this Avatar feature is only supported in some versions of Yahoo 7 Messenger.

Avatars Makeover Plug-in

Want to create or change an Avatar for a friend? Use the Avatars Makeover plug-in to create a new Avatar for a friend or to makeover their current one. Change their hair, outfit, accessories (even their gender!). Your friend can accept your makeover and apply the changes to their Avatar, or they can forego your fashion faux pas.